Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What it's supposed to look like.

Yesterday, 3BP got some attention for highlighting the strange lie from the Fisher campaign when he claimed he had "50+ volunteers" with him at parades in central Ohio (DJ note: he had a grand total of 9, tops). We also pointed out Strickland's total and complete failure to show up and do any campaigning on the most patriotic day of the year.

Well, here's what real grassroots support looks like courtesy the Kasich/Taylor and Rob Portman campaigns.

The comparisons between the two GOP candidates and their rivals couldn't be more stark.

The GOP candidates are working their tails off at campaign events around the state with massive crowds of supporters there to do whatever they can to help.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates barely show up.

Not enough can be said for enthusiastic grassroots support in a campaign. It truly means the difference between winning and losing.

Kasich and Portman have it.

Strickland and Fisher clearly don't.

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