Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll take "Shoes I don't want to be in" for $500, Alex.

As we touched on earlier, things are going poorly for Lee Fisher.

Some of the latest includes Fisher's fundraising being described as the "most egregious example of open-seat money woes for Democrats" in the Washington Post.

Maybe that's why the DNC chose Ohio as one of only two states to dump money in to the state Democratic Party. Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?

Then you have the Trial Lawyers fundraiser in Canada, of all places. That debacle got even worse when Fisher spokesman John Collins tried to make a wisecrack about job losses in a half-hearted attempt to deflect criticism.

But things got even worse for John Collins yesterday. For some strange reason, Collins sent an "In case you missed it" e-mail to reporters with no comment from the Fisher campaign included. What did he want to make sure reporters didn't miss? That Rob Portman broke his collarbone while spending time with his son.

Weird, I know.

It even caused a couple national reporters to tweet about it. Josh from Politico wrote:
@politicojosh: Strange: Lee Fisher campaign, which usually sends out Portman oppo, passes along clip about Portman injuring himself on bike
And Erin from the National Journal wrote:
@ErinMcPike: A little puzzled this morning about why Lee Fisher's camp is sending an ICYMI about Rob Portman's broken collar bone
The last thing a Senate campaign spokesman needs are national reporters publicly thinking they're "strange".

It makes me wonder, when will John Collins join the other Fisher staffers that are either jumping off or being pushed off the Fisher for Ohio train?

I'll give him til July 23rd. What say you?


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