Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ganley has the DCCC scared.

Maybe it's because Betty Sutton has never faced a serious opponent before.
Maybe it's because Tom Ganley can, and will, massively outspend her in the race.
Maybe it's because of the gigantic enthusiasm gap.
Maybe it's because of the overall political environment.

But one thing is for sure, the DCCC is scared of Tom Ganley.

How else do you explain their use of class warfare to attack the GOP candidate.

Ganley can, and likely will, largely self-fund his race. His success in business has provided him that opportunity.

But for some reason, creating and building a successful business is grounds for negative attacks from the Democratic party.

The DCCC even attempts to mock Ganley for owning his own plane.

Then comes this gem:

Ganley is a major supporter of police charities and regularly donates his plane to bring out-of-town family members to the funerals or bedsides of fallen local police officers, says Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Stephen Loomis.

"Don't let them beat him up too badly about having a corporate airplane because he uses it selflessly," says Loomis, whose union represents 1,600 officers. "It is unfair if they are trying to portray him as some kind of corporate, egomaniac, big money guy."

Oops. Careful attempting to pull yourself up out of that hole you dug yourself in, DCCC. Not only does Ganley utilize his plane for humanitarian purposes, but the attack has even ticked off Sutton's bread and butter - a union.

No matter how you look at it, the attack on Ganley would not happen unless the DCCC felt he was a threat. And he is a threat.

There is a wave coming in Ohio. And even Betty Sutton isn't safe.


  1. LOL.

    Seriously, someone has to pay you to write this crap.

    Ganley's got $2M (that he helped earned thanks to Sutton's Cash for Clunkers program). Yeah, that's a alot of money, so you can't be complacent, but it's still a likely Democratic seat. The DCCC is just not being complacent because, unlike the NRCC, it can afford to play in a wider field.

    With the exception of "self-funders" (all of whom have relied on the government in some form or another to make their money), the Democratic candidates are either better off, or the same as, they were in 2008.

    Your "enthusasm" gap is down to eight points in the latest PPP poll, that's less than half of what they found in NJ and MA.

    Your tide is receding. (And you know it.)

  2. Modern, here is my 5th attempt.

    I keep asking this question and you keep ignoring:

    Will you ever reveal to us Master Stricklands plan to fix the budget mess or will continue to drive-by douche?

  3. I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with this post? Perhaps if you asked a question relevant to the topic at hand like a grown up instead of a bratty punk, perhaps I would bother answer your question even though John Kasich has no plan, nor for how he'd pay for his deficit ballooning tax plans...

  4. Wow...so a guy who has been in the car business for 40+ years has the Gov't and Cash for Clunkers to thank for his success? Good lord is that dumb.

  5. Scarlet>Fire...
    Of course, you miss the point.

    Either quit playing dumb, or...

    The point is that Ganley is an imperfect messenger to attack Sutton on the economy given his past praise and gratituous use of one of her signature programs on the economy.

    If you don't get that, then ... wow.

  6. Modern:
    In terms of anything economic, Ms. Sutton isn't a pimple on Tom Ganley's fluffy bottom.

    Let's see Ganley employees hundreds of people in very successful, profitable business. Betty employees dozens of people (with my tax dollars), who produce nothing but new ways to get more of my money into the government coffers.

    Heck, to the best of my ability to determine, she hasn't had a job off a government payroll for 20 years!!


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