Friday, July 16, 2010

If it all rests on Ted, Dems are screwed.

Chris Redfern was quoted in a Youngstown Vindicator story today with an analysis that will mean doom and gloom for Democrats in November.
If Strickland wins convincingly, the rest of the Democratic ticket will succeed, Redfern said.
In other words, Strickland better have one hell of a lead come the week before election day or the entire Democratic ticket is toast.

Things as they are, Kasich and Strickland are tied at 43%.

Folks, 43% for an incumbent is really, really bad.

With jobs the most important issue in Ohio and no improvement in sight, an enthusiasm gap between Rs and Ds, and a massive fundraising superiority from the RGA, one has to wonder how Redfern can give any hope to his slate of statewide candidates. Does Strickland still have a chance against Kasich? Sure. But you'd be hard pressed to find any serious analyst who thinks Strickland can win "convincingly".

And per the ODP chairman, that's bad news for the Democratic statewide ticket.

DJ Note: A previous post on the Vindy story was deleted due to a misquote of the Chairman. My bad.

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  1. Speaking of statewide candidates in trouble, O'Shaughnessy is toast as soon as somebody with more traffic than me takes a look at how she rewards her administrators:


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