Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here comes the prosecutor...

And I bet Ted Strickland thought he could put this behind him.

Not so much.
The Franklin County Prosecutor wants to investigate the possible obstruction of justice by officials during a canceled sting at the Governor's Residence.

E-mails obtained by 10 Investigates show that Ron O'Brien's office would like to conduct interviews to determine whether public safety officials obstructed the Inspector General's investigation, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported on Monday.

Will there be charges filed against Ted's public safety department? It's unclear at this time.

But one thing is for sure. This headache isn't going anywhere...and may be turning into a migraine awfully soon.


  1. More politics being played by Republican Ron O'Brien. Just like he made headlines accusing out-of-state Obama workers of committing "election fraud" while quietly ignoring the same activities by out-of-state McCain campaign workers.

    There's absolutely nothing that O'Brien should need to make his decision that he didn't have already.

    O'Brien is using his office to influence a tight and nationally important political election... again.


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