Monday, July 19, 2010

No one cares what Ted thinks.

A few months ago, the Strickland campaign began their "Ask Ted" feature on their website.

Ted Strickland would record answers to questions supposedly asked by everyday Ohioans and post them on youtube.

Sadly, there haven't been any new videos since May 10th.


Well, probably because the "Ask Ted" video with the most views, on Urban Revival, has a grand total of 137 views as of the writing of this post.


And it was even posted on the main "Ask Ted" page on Strickland's website. In other words, to only get 137 views requires some serious apathy.

Now don't get me wrong. Considering how few people actually view the videos, I don't blame the Strickland campaign for discontinuing "Ask Ted".

I just imagine they feel bad considering Kasich's team could probably videotape their candidate sneezing and it would get more views than a featured video on Ted Strickland's website.

The enthusiasm gap widens.


  1. You mean like how the RGA's "how did Strickland let you down" video request in May only got one request?

    Or Fix Ohio Now has gotten virtually no videos at all or additional comments on Facebook in weeks?

    Or how Strickland is raising more money that Kasich has since the primary?

  2. LOL!

    So you're comparing people producing and submitting videos or writing down and submitting ideas for fixing Ohio (569 ideas and counting!) to someone just needing to click play?

    Actually, you help prove my point!

    569 different ideas submitted about how to fix Ohio....that's about 200 more ideas than the total number of views on the Ask Ted videos.

    Pretty amazing, actually.

    Thanks for highlighting that, Modern!

    As for fundraising, if you think the ODP contributing 100k at the last minute in order to beat Kasich's report proves anything, then that's your delusion.

  3. Modern, I keep asking this question and you keep ignoring:

    Will you ever reveal to us Master Stricklands plan to fix the budget mess or will continue to drive-by douche?


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