Monday, July 12, 2010

Lee Fisher is fast becoming a liability.

In the 2nd three months of 2010, Lee Fisher raised barely over $1 million.

In the same amount of time, Rob Portman raised more than 2.5 times that.

Total cash on hand advantage for Portman over Fisher? 9-1.

That's not a typo.

Now we all know money alone doesn't win elections, but it sure does help.

We also know fundraising success is a reasonable measure for confidence in a campaign's success. After all, if people think they're going to be supporting a winner, they are more likely to contribute.

So after a review of Lee's most recent fundraising report, it's safe to say there isn't any indication of confidence in his chances.

And why should there be? Especially after a week like this?

One has to wonder, if the DSCC and Democratic establishment had known a year ago that Fisher would be performing this poorly, would they have supported him with the same zeal and shunned Jennifer Brunner?

Ultimately, the question that's starting to be asked is less whether Lee can beat Rob, but more about how much of a drag Lee Fisher will be on the entire Democratic Party ticket in Ohio.

After all, high profile statewide races are primary drivers for get out the vote efforts that have a trickle down effect throughout other races.

If Fisher's campaign still continues to fail to inspire volunteers to make GOTV phone calls and doesn't have the money to help shape the message on Ohio's airwaves, then there is little doubt the Lieutenant Governor has become a severe liability.

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