Thursday, July 15, 2010

Governor Envy: Part 8,727

Yesterday we highlighted Ohio's further drop down the CNBC rankings for Best States for Business.

So who was on top?

Texas. And not only were they on top, but in Forbes' best cities for jobs, four of the top five were in Texas. (Don't worry Ohio, you had five of the Top Cities, too. Except they were in the list of Forbes' Top 20 Most Miserable Cities.)

I guess Texas is surviving just fine without an income tax, eh?

But I digress.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas took some time to succinctly explain his state's success:
It’s the compilation of four really simple principles: Don’t spend all the money. Have a Legislature that understands that the private sector is where the jobs are created. Government doesn’t create any jobs. We create an environment where private sector types can. Have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable. A legal system that does not allow for over-suing. And have an accountable public school system that says to those that want to expand or come to your state that there’s a skilled work force here.
Good Lord.

If only.

It's very clear Ted Strickland doesn't abide by any of the above principles, so let's hope a new Governor can help steer us towards the Texas example come January.

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