Friday, July 23, 2010

Jimmy Stewart drives around the Earth 20 times.

Well, he could have.

But I digress.

Voters like to know their elected officials are working hard for them. And in Ohio's 20th Senate District, all those voters need to do is look at State Senator Jimmy Stewart's odometer.

In the Statehouse and back home, Stewart has come to be known as a tough and savvy State Senator representing a portion of Southeast Ohio.

And this afternoon Sen. Stewart crossed a most ridiculous threshold; surpassing 500,000 miles in his 1995 Geo Prizm.

That means he could have driven his car around the world over 20 times.

Congrats, Jimmy. And keep up the hard work.

UPDATE: I was made aware of a liberal Ohio blog pointing out a goof I made in this post. Originally, I said Stewart could have driven 63 times around the earth. In a rush to congratulate Jimmy I used diameter instead of circumference for my calculation. Oops. Still, 20 times around the earth is still damn impressive. Especially in a Geo.

On a sidenote, I'm sorta flabbergasted that this blog has gotten big enough that lefty blogs write entire posts about a mathematical goof I made. I'm flattered, fellas.

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