Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kasich edges closer to magic number

You win elections by getting 50%+1 of the vote.

And with the latest Rasmussen poll, Kasich has inched ever closer to the magic number.

While Kasich's lead has shrunk from 7 to five points, his support has increased from 47% to 48%.

This begs the question, if Democratic attacks are working, why is Kasich's support increasing?

And it's not just when it comes to support for Governor. His favorables are up as well, going from 44-32 to 49-31. Among Indies those favorables went from 42-26 to 53-33. An 11-7 bump is always welcome.

Hell, even among Democrats Kasich went from 20-51 to 27-42.

With this in mind, I beg Ohio Democrats to keep using Lehman as their primary point of attack.


Other interesting points in the poll:
  • The number of Ohioans who rate the economy as good or excellent sits at 6%. No, that isn't a typo.
  • Only 28% of Ohioans believe the stimulus helped create jobs. I hope Ted keeps hanging his hat on that one.
  • Ted's disapproval sticks at 55%. Ouch.
  • The President's approval rating is 46% in Ohio, the same as his national rating from Rasmussen. Which also happens to be higher the Quinnipiac's poll released earlier today. Darn that Rasmussen bias!
We've still got a long way to go, but the time for Ted to start turning around his approval numbers is quickly growing shorter.

He needs a turnaround. And fast.

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  1. Jesus, Keeling, do you know the concept of statistical noise? I could write that Strickland's numbers grew three times as much as Kasich's did using your "logic."

    There was no real movement in either Rasmussen poll, but you keep clinging to statistic noise as movement. Nutter.


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