Friday, July 30, 2010

We need a budget.

But the Democrats don't want one.

It's actually pretty amazing. It wasn't too long ago that John Kasich worked with his colleagues to craft the first balanced budget since 1969.

And now the Democrats are going to try to operate our government without one.

How well would that work in your own home, let alone the federal government?

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio recorded this video to communicate the importance of the issue.

It's now appeared on two of the top national conservative sites in the nation, National Review Online and Congrats, Congressman. And thanks for pushing this important message.

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  1. John Kasich didn't craft anything. The budget balanced itself with an explosing in Government revenues. Before Kasich was the chair, government spending was relatively flat for the past three years. It exploded by 600 Billion during his chairmanship. The only reason the budget became balanced was due to revenues increases starting with the Clinton budget that Kasich opposed.

    Seriously, this myth that Kasich was responsible for balancing the budget is a joke. Even the CATO Institute said at the time he wasn't responsible.


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