Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guess which Chairman is the grown-up.

The ODP really needs to consider taking Chris Redfern's twitter privileges away.

It's just sad and pathetic that a grown man, let alone the primary representative of the state Democratic Party, thinks these thoughts and wants to share them with the world.

Three things.

One, you should know Blanton's or Woodford Reserve are both far better than Maker's Mark.

Second, and it still makes me laugh even a week and a half later, he tweets -- "Chris Bosh has never one anything except an olympic gold."

Nevermind the grade school like mistake of typing "one" rather than "won", but it's an absolute joke to minimize Olympic gold as an insignificant accomplishment. Remember, winning basketball in the Olympics isn't as easy as it used to be. Just ask our 2004 bronze medal team.

Finally, and most importantly, Chris Redfern is supposed to represent what is best in his Party. He's their leading figure. And he tweets like a 14-year old school girl.

I can fully appreciate certain figures intended to antagonize the opposition, but shouldn't a Party chairman be above such petty activities? It would be one thing if childish tweets like above were a rarity, but they are the norm.

Now take a look at Kevin DeWine's twitter feed.

I guess that explains why DeWine has five times the number of followers.

It's nice to have a grown-up at the head of our table.

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