Monday, July 19, 2010

Paula Brooks just doesn't care anymore.

Just look at the evidence.

Her campaign website hasn't been updated for nearly three weeks.

She's had one tweet in the same amount of time where she thanked some guy named Dave for his support.

And her facebook page has been silent since the fourth of July.

Maybe it's because her own internal poll shows her getting smoked by 12 points.

Maybe it's because of Pat Tiberi's ridiculously impressive grassroots support. Like in this past weekend's Alexandria Fun Days parade where what looks to be the entire town walked with Pat.

As compared to the turnout for Paula Brooks. See Paula? No. I don't either.

Of course, seeing as she doesn't even live in the district in which she wants to represent, maybe she simply couldn't find the parade. Who knows?

Either way, one has to wonder what Paula Brooks is doing with her time. It isn't fundraising. It isn't campaigning. It isn't even something as simple as tweeting.

Maybe Paula has given up.


  1. Or you could be honest and take the picture when she isn't walking behind, shaking hands, and talking to ppl...but of course if you don't then you fuel your fake conservative ire :)

  2. She was at the parade shown in the picture, shaking hands and walking with the group. You failed to get a picture of the whole group or of her with them. You also failed to mention that half of Tiberi's large "grassroots crowd" includes his family members. Just because she is spending more time meeting people than on Twitter, doesn't mean she doesn't care.


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