Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All offense. No defense.

After the May primary, Ted Strickland went up with his first campaign ad. It was a negative ad that utilized the same actress and same substance from an anti-McCain ad in 2008.

Since then, the DGA and Big Labor, led by AFSCME, have funded millions in attack ads against Kasich.

And now it's the Governor's turn again. But this time he's using old-fashioned radio. It can be heard here.

Governor Strickland came into office nearly four years ago. He has a record.

And yet, with just 84 days to go until election day, he and his allies have yet to spend one cent on paid mass media to communicate anything about that record.

I've discussed before how bad of a strategic error this actually is for his campaign. While trying to tear down his opponent is necessary, it does no good if he can't find a way to drastically improve his own standing among Democrats and Independents. And he's running out of time.

Sure, his record pretty much sucks. But this is politics. It's easy to put "lipstick on a pig", as President Obama would say.

But he isn't.

Thanks, Governor.

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