Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice company Kilroy keeps...

It's no secret that Democratic candidates are making a very obvious and organized push to try to divert attention to Social Security.

Stories have been documented all over the state of Democratic candidates and their allies using various tactics to go on the attack.

In fact, as this was just ramping up last week 3BP wrote a post about it.

Well, it turns out Mary Jo Kilroy and her allies pick some very odd company to represent her efforts to distract from the issues that matter most to Ohioans.

The Dispatch Daily Briefing blog named Bruce Bostick as the lone individual that was sent to Stivers headquarters in a cheap ploy to try to gin up publicity on the issue.

But who is Bruce Bostick?

Well, according to this link provided by the Dispatch, he's a communist with a history of mental problems.

We know you've had your problems in the past associating with socialists, Rep. Kilroy, so was this really the best choice to help those questions go away?

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