Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some people never learn.

Ohio Democrats pick some strange people to idolize. One of which is David Betras.
David Betras was honored Saturday as the County Democratic Party Chairman of the Year for Ohio. “I didn’t even know about it,” said Betras, Mahoning County’s Democratic Party chairman. “It was a total shock.”
You weren't the only one, Mr. Chairman.

Some of you may have forgotten the name, David Betras.

What if I say "Marc Dann"?

Ah, yes. That rings a bell, eh?

Yep. David Betras was the best friend and law partner of Marc Dann. He helped Dann get his start in statewide politics and even helped him flirt with his then future-lover:

The next day, when David Betras, a friend of Dann's, wrote her to tell her how fond he was of Dann, Utovich told him that Dann spoke highly of Betras.

"Mutual feeling, believe me," Betras wrote.

"He speaks highly of me? " she responded. "Or you speak highly of him?"

"Both," was his reply.

Awwwww yeah. Bow chicka chick bow bowwww.

Betras even helped Marc Dann send some cash they hoarded after his election for "transition" purposes to Dann's wife.

From the IG Report on Marc Dann:

Legal? Technically. Ethical? Not so much.

But hey, what do you expect from the County Chairman of the Year for the Ohio Democratic Party?


  1. Isn't it, "Bow chicka chicka bow Wowwww?"

  2. Well I don't know... we repubs honored Georgie V as republican of the year...

  3. Please do not post anything more about Democrats who still want a political future and their relationship to Marc Dann.

    Thank you.

    Governor Cordray


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