Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mitch is running for President.

In politician-speak, this language could not scream "I'm running!" more than this:
“This is nothing I have started, encouraged,” said Daniels, a Republican in his second term. “People have asked, ‘Please don’t absolutely close your mind’ and I have said I’ll think about it.”


“It’s nothing I’m going to do anything about,” Daniels said. “If it’s still an interesting subject in a few months, ask me then.”

However, Daniels said that he remains worried “about the condition and direction of the country and I’m a lot more worried even than I was a year and a half ago.”

He said Republicans need to offer voters a clear alternative and a positive agenda in this fall’s campaigns and the 2012 race.
Good, good news.

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  1. Mitch has done a great job in Indiana.

    I understand the need to focus on the pocketbook issues. We all do. When he said that basically social issues should get thrown out the window, his chances went with it too.

    Listen, I know Obama is weak now. You have to assume he will still be the nominee. Nonetheless, we are going to need every possible vote to defeat him. So you want to defeat Obama and you go out an alienate millions of voters whose votes you would get. Thousands of those votes are in this state. Not too smart on Mitch's part.

    I'm uncommitted right now, but we are going to need a strong conservative willing to fight back against Obama (or Hillary, etc.). I just don't see it in Mitch Daniels.


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