Monday, August 9, 2010

Has Kilroy given back her craigslist cash yet?

Last week we detailed the charges against Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and his political contributions to a very few select members of of which being Mary Jo Kilroy.

Well, this weekend the Craigslist story got even bigger.

From the Washington Post:

Craig Newmark was all over Twitter on Friday, as he is most days, yakking about Android, re-tweeting about Bart Simpson in summer school, reminding his 24,000 followers to vote to end world poverty. He engaged with friends and strangers alike.

MC is still waiting to hear from him.

Newmark is the founder of the worldwide online bazaar Craigslist. MC is a 17-year-old girl who says she was repeatedly sold for sex through ads on Craigslist. In open letters published as newspaper ads, she has beseeched Newmark to shut down the site's lucrative "adult services" section, which law-enforcement officials and advocates say facilitates prostitution and child trafficking.


This week brought increased pressure. Friday morning, MC's "Dear Craig" plea appeared in a half-page ad in The Washington Post, along with the account of AK, who said she had been sold for sex by the hour at truck stops, 10 hours with 10 different men each night. Friday afternoon, a federal judge in South Carolina threw out a lawsuit in which Craigslist had tried to stop authorities from investigating whether it has a role in prostitution; and by Friday night, Connecticut's attorney general had called for Craigslist to shut down its "adult section" site completely. Earlier in the week, CNN aired video of a reporter ambushing Newmark, who was unable to muster a response when confronted with ads that depicted girls being offered for sex.
Remember, Kilroy has accepted a contribution from Mr. Newmark.

In light of his disgusting refusal to yank the ads for "Adult Services" from his website, Congresswoman Kilroy has a responsibility to return any and all contributions Mr. Newmark has made to her campaign. My recommendation would be to send those contributions to the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition.


  1. I don't get the connection, honestly.

    Has Stivers ever received contributions from anyone who owns or operates a hotel? Has a crime ever been committed in that hotel? Then Stivers should DEFINITELY return that money because it's BLOOD money. How many individuals knew or worked with Noe that have donated to Kasich? He should return all that money using your logic that six million degrees of separation taint an individual.

    There are some pretty trashy people and goings on in craigslist postings. But there are also some pretty amazing connections, charitable contributions, and JOBS! How many JOBS have been created, advertised and filled by craigslist? How many small business owners are able to find willing, able and LEGAL workers through the affordability and ease of craigslist vs. the classified postings of privately own papers?

    If you're against craigslist you're against jobs (funny how silly your logic sounds when you spin it that way, huh?)!

  2. Strange.

    My beef has always been with the Adult Services portion of Craigslist.

    If he removed that immediately, I would be satisfied.

    Until Kilroy returns that contribution, she supports a man that chooses to provide a medium for child sex trafficking. If that's ok with you, fine. But it's not with me.

  3. Until Kasich returns all the money he made from and with Lehman Brothers, he supports the very system that bankrupted our country.

    If that's okay with you, then you'll have plenty of time on your hands come November 3rd.

  4. If Kasich took money from John Fuld or others directly responsible for its downfall, you'd have a point and I'd expect him to transfer that money to charity. But as far as I can tell, he hasn't.

    Kilroy took money from Craig Newmark. He is directly responsible for hosting a site that caters to sex trafficking and prostitution. She needs to send that money to charity.

  5. Liberal. Moral. Equivalency. Fail.


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