Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lee Fisher's campaign is battered and bruised.

What a day for Lee Fisher.

With a new $500k tv ad buy from Karl Rove's American Crossroads organization in support of Rob Portman, the GOP is kicking Lee Fisher while he's down.

This morning, a new Rasmussen poll showed Portman extending his lead to 45-37, closely mirroring what we saw in the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

And on top of all that, Forbes Magazine's Real Clear Politics published an article today highlighting the superiority of the Portman campaign organization.

How much can Fisher stand? And how long until we learn of the DSCC pulling out of the race completely?

With Portman's favorability at 51-23%, it's quite clear that all the efforts to attack Portman's connection to Bush have failed miserably. And that's the only bullet in Fisher's gun.

It's ok to wave the white flag, Lee. Just keep your shirt on.

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