Thursday, August 5, 2010

How did I miss this?

I hate to harp on old news, but I just remembered how an old prediction of mine came true.

Back on July 14th, I wondered just how long Fisher spokesman John Collins had left. After all, he wasn't exactly a model spokesperson. My bet was he'd be gone July 23rd.

Well, I ended up being off by three days. He ended up leaving the campaign on July 26th.

Can't believe I forgot about that prediction. Ha.

Since then, of course, Fisher has ran into gaffe after gaffe, and the only bit of good news came yesterday when a Rasmussen poll came out showing him down only four points to Rob Portman. The problem? Even the Dispatch noticed how overwhelmingly oversampled Democrats were in the poll.

Lee Fisher is going to lose. The only question is how much damage he will do down ticket.

But at least John Collins won't be there to witness the mess.

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