Monday, August 16, 2010

Pari Sabety does her best Chris Farley impersonation.

By my count, since Ted Strickland began running for Governor he has received $1,938,610.86 from unions.

Nearly $2 million. Just from Unions.

With that in mind, was anyone honestly surprised by this headline in the Columbus Dispatch over the weekend?

Richard Murray, the Governor's handpicked OSFC Director, is actually refreshingly honest.

It's rare that you see Democratic appointees so clearly and directly state what we all already know - that the Strickland Administration puts labor's interests over that of the taxpayers.

Of course, that didn't stop Pari "Hit and Run" Sabety from trying to cover the Administration's butt a bit...
Asked if she agreed with the inspector general's recommendation that the OSFC should ensure that Murray remains neutral toward union labor when working with school districts, Sabety wrote: “I agree that the Commission’s neutrality with regard to local district decisions should be made more clear, so I have asked the OSFC legal counsel to draft clarifying language.”
In other words, "shut up, Richard!"

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