Sunday, August 22, 2010

"We're not gonna let ya down."

The Kasich/Taylor team is back up with another TV ad. This one drives home the solid conservative principles Kasich has been running on for months and keeping the focus on what voters care about in this election - streamlining government and the economy.

This 2nd TV ad from the Kasich team does beg the question - where is Ted?

They've got plenty of cash. Polls have clearly been trending against them. What's holding them back?

They almost seem paralyzed.

After all, there are only 72 days to go. And this line isn't going to fix itself.


  1. Agggh! Lehman Brothers! Aggggh! You're in Virginia! Ahhhg! You're last name is Keeling! Agggh! Strickland wins by 20! Agggh! No plan on Kasich's part! Aggggh! Brilliant plan on Strickland's part! Agggh! Bite me Keeling!

    -Modern E.

  2. Actuallly, because you are in Virginia, you apparently didn't know that Strickland has been on the air this month, but on radio.

    I appreciate the concern trolling, but don't you worry about us. Let Kasich spend his money on ads of no substance and platitudes all he wants.

    Incidentially, his JobsOhio plan is getting panned pretty widly in the media as evidence that Kasich "just doesn't get it."

  3. Esquire, you don't get it. Ohio is ready for change, and this message is WORKING. Why is Ted running negative on the air, and Kasich the challenger is running positive?

    Why is Kasich speaking to rallies with over 1,000 people in attendance, when Ted struggles to fill a coffee shop. Stuff is bad for old Ted, and I love that you ignore it.

    Oh, and you are the idiot that said so surely that Kasich would lose by 20 points. Anyone with a brain knew that this was going to be a close race, you are a hack and your opinion is worthless.

    Go jump on the Brunner Failure express and ride it out of Ohio and quit trolling blogs you say have no legitimacy.

  4. Radio? LOL.

  5. Ken Blackwell could get 1,000 people to show up in SWO and did.

    Ted Strickland has spoken to bigger crowds than that within the past month.

  6. LOL @ pretending radio has the same impact as TV. Hysterical.

    Ted has spoken to 1000+ crowds at his own campaign events in the past month?


  7. Yeah Modern,

    When did Blackwell have a 1000+ person rally, with no surrogate, during the entire campaign, link me.

    Also, when were these mega Strickland rallies that none of us have heard of?

    Oh, and you said Kasich would lose by 20, whats your excuse other than that you are a worthless, spineless hack.

  8. Well, there was the ODP dinner that had over 2,500 present. And Kasich didn't have over 1,000. The Enquirer put it at around 800, and given the crowd shot it looked like it was nothing more than the Hamilton GOP candidate's campaign staffers showing up, most weren't even wearing Kasich gear.

    And I'm pretty sure Blackwell had a similar crowd at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon in 2006.

    Oh, and as for TV ads:

    Worry no more, Keeling...

  9. Man o man, Modern you should change your name to Moron Esquire.

    I was at the rally in Hamilton. 1000 people were there, either way, more than Ted has gotten at ANY "rally".

    Are you honestly comparing a fundraiser full of wealthy contributors, insiders and democratic standard bearers to a rally filled with passionate volunteers and activists? Moron. Oh, and didn't the state dinner have a speaker, ya know, a surrogate?

    Oh and I looked up this rally in 2006, the enquirer put the crowd at around 100. Google it. Plus it was a joint effort between he and Mike Dewine.

    You try an act like you are an outsider, but as far as I can see- you have hack written all over you.

    Also, been meaning to say this for awhile, talk about a blog with no legitimacy? You are the one who shares your company with a man who had sexual fantasizes about have sex with A 13 YEAR OLD BOY!

    Sexual Predators for Ted Strickland, headquartered at Plunderbund.


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