Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Articles

It's not too hard to see where Joe Hallett's allegiances lie.

Today, the day after the Ohio Democratic Party's big fundraising dinner, this was the headline by Mr. Hallett in the Columbus Dispatch:

The text of the article was a virtual hump of the leg of the Ohio Democratic Party. Quotes are included from Strickland, Fisher, and the guest of honor, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine. I was actually sorta surprised it didn't end with a "Go Team!" from Hallett and a link for where to contribute money.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at Hallett's article after the Ohio GOP state dinner back in June.

Not one quote from any of the GOP candidates for statewide office. Not even a mention of their names. Instead, he writes an article about infighting within the Party. Now to be fair, it's arguably a legitimate complication for the GOP. But it's also an article he could have written at any time. Hallett even goes so far as to state the question of Tea Party influence was an "unspoken question" at the event. So why write about it?

Since Hallett had no problem bringing up controversial issues to attendees at the GOP dinner, why didn't we see similar questions asked of Democrats at the ODP dinner? Why weren't they asked about the latest two scandals in the Governor's office, Rebategate and the Big Labor boss turned Director of School Funding Czar? Why weren't they asked about the floundering Fisher campaign? Considering the reported reception of Jennifer Brunner relative to Fisher, that was clearly newsworthy.

But I guess that wasn't on Hallett's agenda.


  1. Not to mention his leg hump of Fisher in his op-ed. Hallett is a party hack of the first order. As I've often said, "His political acumen ranges from conventional wisdom to wet dreams."

  2. Jeeeez Keeling, what is wrong with you? It's blatantly obvious that your employer, Kasich, had you post this when he knew that Modern Esquire would having some "me" time and couldn't rebut. You partisan hacks are all the same; you live in DC and have the audacity to care about what happens back at home, disgusting.

  3. p-

    Keeling "cares" about Ohio? LOL, he cares about Kasich, and that's it.

    And he his his own motive$ as to why.

    Boo-hoo Keeling. At least Hallett didn't mention that the ORP dinner only had a 1/3 of the audiance as the ODP.

    And Kevin DeWine was quoted in the article. Some leg hump.

    The Tea Party was relevant as you, specifically, your candidate, specifically, have been trying to court the Tea Party movement, which has also attempted to exert influence by taking over the State Central Committee (they failed).

    The Tea Party movement, if it still truly exists, is a double edged sword for you guys and revelant.

    But let's complain about how biased Register Republican voter Joe Hallett is again.

  4. ME, nice try, but the Franklin County Board of Elections has Joseph Hallett of Vine Street in Westerville as an unaffiliated voter. And, yes, that's the same Joe Hallett. He's made a few references to Westerville being his home over the past couple decades.


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