Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who will win Jimmy?

As we said yesterday in discussing Kasich's new business regulation initiative, results matter.

With that in mind, who is going to win voters like this one?

[Jimmy] Barousis is the third generation in his family to run the donut shop, Buckeye Donuts, ONN's Jim Heath reported on Wednesday.

He said in the last 10 years dealing with regulators has gotten worse.

"Even if it's a mistake on their end, we still have to jump through a couple hoops because it's hard to get a hold of somebody right away," Barousis said. "There's not just a number you can call, you have to stay on the phone awhile."

The complaints about various regulations can be heard in about every small business across Ohio. Now candidates are seizing that message.

"If the attitude is 'We're in charge and do it our way' and there's no flexibility; you kill the business," said Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich.

And what's Strickland's response?

'I already fixed the regulations!'

Anyone think Jimmy will buy that as he ponders over each candidate? Didn't think so.


  1. Hey Modern Esquire, you better call Jimmy to inform him that he's a liar, because Ted Strickland already fixed everything.

    You can crow about Kasich's plan is supposedly a copy of Strickland's all you want. But guess what? I don't think the Jimmy's out there are going to buy it, and they aren't going to vote for Ted.

  2. Hey, idiots, the NFIB, who endorsed your candidate, admitted that Strickland has made the regulatory environment better for small businesses.

    Nobody said the job was done, but proposing what's already been done isn't a plan for progress.

    You can stick your head in the sand all you want over Kasich's lame plagarism, but people know a cheap imitation when they see one. Knockoff Kasich.

  3. Once again, you're missing the point entirely, Modern.

    It's what the voters who are business owners, the "Jimmys", PERCEIVE, and who will win their votes.

    If they still are struggling with the state regulatory BS, they don't give a crap if you come and tell them that Strickland already started to improve things and Kasich is plagiarizing.

    Even if you're right, which is debateable, Kasich is making this a winning issue for HIM, while Ted is still screaming LEHMAN BROTHERS!! WALL STREET!!

    He's simply outcampaigning Strickland with better strategy here. I'm sorry you don't like it.

  4. First of all, it's not debateable when Kasich uses essentially the same TITLE for a program that seems to have the same ORGANIZATIONAL structure as Strickland's executive order.

    Kasich isn't outdoing anything. People know a cheap knock off when they see one.

    But I appreciate Kasich for drawing attention to a little noticed success story of the Strickland Administration.


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