Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strickland Attacks Wheelchair-Making-Ohio-Based Company

"The company is very disappointed that its home-state governor would attack it in a campaign commercial," Invacare said.

How Not to Win Re-Election Lesson 6,254: When you've lost over 400,000 jobs on your watch already, don't piss off a major Ohio based company. You just look like you've completely lost it and certainly are not attracting new business to the state.

In case you missed the latest blunder from the Strickland campaign, they decided to attack an Ohio company, based out of Elyria, for having Kasich sit on one of its board. The ad, an incredibly stupid attempt to hit Kasich for outsourcing, drew immediate condemnation from the company itself – who just so happen to employ over 1,300 folks… making custom wheelchairs in Ohio.

Which major Ohio company will the Strickland campaign unleash on next? Battelle? Owens Corning? Procter and Gamble? Maybe the Cleveland Clinic?

As they flounder around, swinging wildly at NAFTA and outsourcing, it's really anybody's guess at this point.

Guest Posted by Jed Eckert.


  1. They didn't attack a company. They attacked John Kasich for voting on their board to ship hundreds of manufacturing jobs out of Ohio to China and Mexico.

    And Invacare doesn't manufacturing wheelchairs anymore. They outsourced their production and does nothing more but "assemble" the parts now entirely manufactured overseas.

    John Kasich, in 2006, voted to kill hundreds of Ohio jobs. A year later, he started an exploratory PAC to run for Governor... as a jobs candidate.

    I miss Keeling already. He was much better at this Kasich spin stuff than you are.

  2. Hey Modern Dumbass, maybe they should have just gone out of business and fired ALL employees?

    Would that be better?

  3. They didn't attack a company.

    Of course they did. You cant attack Kasich for being on the board that made the decision, but not attack the company that executed the decision. To suggest they didn't attack Invacare is ridiculous.

  4. Modern must be drawing upon his vast experience in the business world...again.

  5. You guys just can't defend that John Kasich voted to kill hundreds of Ohio manufacturing jobs.

    That's what he did. You can try to dress this up all you want, but to the average voter, John Kasich voted to kill Ohio jobs and then run for Governor.

    He'll probably put these same Invacare Execs on his JobsOhio board, too. After all, they've donated tens of thousands to his campaign.

  6. No, the average voter will see that Ohio has lost 400K jobs under Ted Stricklands watch, and it had nothing to do with Ted Strickland's watch.

    After the Lehman attacks went nowhere, now they are onto the outsourcing... who knows what is next.

    These lame attacks are not working, Kasich strengthens his name ID and favorables as Ted looks like the challenger.

  7. Except that no polling shows Kasich's favorables moving up.

  8. "They outsourced their production and does nothing more but "assemble" the parts now entirely manufactured overseas."

    Funny, we make a lot of the parts just down the street in Elyria.



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