Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gary Coleman should be fired.

No, not that one.

Gary Coleman is a Strickland-appointed trustee at Shawnee State.

He's also best friends and a labor ally of Richard Murray, the target of the Ohio Inspector General's report released this morning. Coleman was reported to join Murray on a number of the meetings discussed in the IG report.

And he also sounds like a bit of a psychopath.

From the report:
Gary Coleman, a business manager for Laborers Union Local 83 in Scioto County, showed up at the Clay school building site and confronted the owner of Solid Rock Construction Services. The Portsmouth merit shop was doing site preparation work that included building a permanent retaining wall. Coleman accused Solid Rock of subcontracting out the work to a company that used illegal immigrants. At the job site, Coleman shouted profanities at the owner within earshot of several people. According to accounts from Solid Rock owner Bill Whitaker and two employees, Coleman declared war on Solid Rock and referred to the workers as Mexican n----rs. Coleman also mocked Whitakers devout Christianity by shouting f--k your Jesus.
And in a letter from the Superintendent of the Clay Local School District:

It continued...

Oh, and then there's that bit about the $20,000 bribe offered to a candidate for Commissioner in Scioto County:
On May 4, 2010, Carl Pertuset won the Republican primary for the Scioto County Commissioner race. That night at the courthouse, Gary Coleman introduced himself to the victorious Pertuset and, according to Pertuset, told him he would find $20,000 in his lap if he would support the union. Pertuset replied that he supported all workers, and Coleman withdrew the offer and walked away. The Scioto County sheriff heard and verified the conversation. Coleman, in an interview with this office, acknowledged making the offer, although he said it may have been for $15,000. Coleman said he was not offering cash, but merely offering to raise campaign contributions for Pertuset.
Of course you were, Gary.

Remember, Coleman is a Strickland appointee.

The Governor can ask for his resignation or fire him at anytime he so chooses.

And that time should be now.

UPDATE: Despite his name still being listed on their website, I've been informed Gary Coleman did resign his position as a Shawnee State trustee in July. Boy, I can't imagine why. The timing is interesting. After all, the Clay School District Superintendent sent his letter to Strickland way back in February. And yet, Strickland did nothing until the IG report was nearing completion and he knew it would come out in the report. Shameful.

I've been told his resignation letter simply said, "I f__ing resign." Ha.


  1. Post from Stickland lapdog in 3...2...1...

  2. Boy you've hit a new low NOW Keeling! Just pathetic. Don't you know Ted Strickland is awesome?! Obama told me so!

  3. Wow, Keeling, very respectful forum you keep here.

    Way to call on Strickland to fire someone who already resigned last month.

    So, you're welcome?

    This is almost as good as when you attacked Redfern for something you completely misquoted him as saying.

  4. 1) He called you Assfire. You call me idiot. At least his is funny and accurate.

    2) Yeah, I can't imagine how I got it wrong with him STILL BEING LISTED ON THEIR WEBSITE AS A TRUSTEE.

    The letter from the Clay Superintendent was sent way back in February. Coleman didn't resign until he got word of the IG report in July. That shows Strickland didn't care til they knew it would come out in the IG report. Shameful.

  5. Yeah, idiot and assfire are really the same.

    Anyways, you really proved me wrong there .... publicly demanding that Strickland fire someone who was forced to resign awhile ago.

    Yep, you REALLY proved that I was out of bounds for calling you an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Boy, do I feel bad about that one.

    Keep up the good work, Scoop. That's what they're paying ya for!

  6. LOL!

    Leave it to you to try to play the deflection game when the fact remains that a Strickland appointee publicly insulted school officials and tried to offer a bribe. All without one word of condemnation from Strickland.

  7. No word except, "You're fired?" Seriously, Keeling the stench of desparation you reek to try to recover from this faceplant is remarkable.

    Face it, Keeling, you're making a no-win demand.

    You wrote that Strickand should fire him because you believed he wouldn't, so you could call that refusal "shameful."

    But when that blows up in your face and you learn that Strickland not only fired him but did so EVEN BEFORE THE IG report was done, you now call that "SHAMEFUL."

    Basically, the only way Strickland could have avoided your "Shame" game was if he was psychic and could have predicted what Coleman was going to do before he was appointed to the Trustees.

    I've notice you've yet again revised your update to try to justify your "shaming" despite the fact that Strickland not only did PRECISELY what you said he should do, he did well before you even knew about the issue that's been in the papers for over month.

    You got another post fundamentally wrong yet again. It happens. But you're really looking silly trying to spin your way out of this one.

  8. LOL! I simply revised it to add what I said in here. Why? Because it's an important point to make.

    Please show me where or who said Strickland fired Coleman. I look forward to the link. Plus, I was told he resigned, not that Strickland fired him. Ask your friends at the campaign if they can forward that information over.

    The Shawnee State website says he is still a Trustee. Blaming me for believing them seems downright silly and desperate.

    The point STILL stands. Someone Strickland appointed was an embarrassment to the state of Ohio. Strickland learned about it way back in February and did nothing. Only once the IG investigation had been initiated did Coleman resign.

    There has also been no public comment from Strickland about Coleman's actions. That's an embarrassment.

    Are you done trying to defend what Murray did? I noticed you gave up over on that other thread.

    And I don't need to ask the media about Rasmussen. They came to the same conclusion as I did:

  9. Keep moving the goalpost, Keeling. Just keep moving them every time you faceplant. I'm not commenting on Murray because I already have. it's not worth it continuing to talk about. The idea that John Kasich doesn't give donors access and influence is just comical.

    You honestly think Coleman just decided on his own to suddenly resign? Wow. Great "reporting," Scoop. (Then again, you didn't even know he resigned.)

    One person at the Dispatch=all media? LOL. Yep, if there's one thing that Rasmussen is known for, it's oversampling DEMOCRATS.

    Yes, the Governor has nothing more imporant to do than immediately take action on a letter he gets about a Board of Trustees nominee he got in February. Yeah, it's completely inconceiveable that this might have taken some time to look into. /snark

    Seriously, the excuses you keep coming up with is comical to watch.

    You're trying to pump up an one-day story in the hopes that people don't notice that the only polling in the race, a pollster that should be favoring Kasich, shows him dropping.

    I love how you first blame Strickland for not getting COleman to resign until last month, now question me for saying Strickland was involved.

    Are we playing on a Canadian football field now? How are you going to move the goal posts even more...

  10. "one day story"- who's being silly now?

    "the only polling in the race"- Does PPP sound familiar? How many of PPP's polls in this race show Strickland leading? Better yet, how many polls by any firm in this race have shown Ted Strickland over 50% in the last 15 months???

  11. How does Modern Esquire ever find time to practice law?


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