Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Space is vulnerable.

State Senator Bob Gibbs hasn't raised much money. He doesn't have the highest name recognition.

But that doesn't stop him from being tied with a two-term Congressman in Ohio's 18th district.

According to an NRCC pollster, Gibbs and Rep. Zack Space are tied at 43%.

But the news gets worse from there.

When asked whether Space deserves re-election, only 38% said yes.

And on an issue of particular concern to the 18th district, 62% said they are opposed to Cap & Trade. Mind you, Space voted for Cap & Trade this year before being left hung out to dry by the Obama Administration.

Space, of course, dismissed the numbers. But don't forget, John McCain won OH-18 over Barack Obama by a full eight points just two years ago. Does anyone else think the political environment has improved in OH-18 since then?

I thought so.


  1. LOL... Modern commenting yet again on posts he does not think matter because they come from Virginia.


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