Friday, August 13, 2010

Who am I? Why am I here?

Doing his best impression of Phil Hartman doing an impression of Admiral Stockdale, yesterday Ohio Governor Ted Strickland answered the latest batch of questions on Rebategate.

Patrick Preston of WCMH-TV, the reporter who first broke the story and has been doing a tear-up job of getting to the bottom of the whole mess, had a chance to confront Strickland with the latest gap in the story.

First off, we see a shifty eyed Governor attempt to tell us that he didn't know when he was told about the whole incident. Odd, eh? You'd imagine if something was a big enough deal that he felt it was necessary to implement an executive order, that he'd probably have an idea of when he found out about the incident. Apparently not.

But the most interesting part of the interview is Preston's question about the five month gap between the Department of Development finding out about the outsourcing and the implementation of the executive order banning said outsourcing.
PRESTON: Is that the sort of issue you'd expect to be informed of right away?

STRICKLAND: Yes, especially if it was the result of a violation of existing rules and regulations. That's the part of this I find most...most troubling. If the rules had not already been in place it would not have been as troubling to me as knowing that there were rules in place that were not observed and followed. That's when I think it was most appropriate for me to be brought into the loop because it involved a decision as to whether or not personnel would be help accountable and what that accountability would entail.
In the article Preston notes that he asked the Department of Development why the Governor wasn't notified and they had not yet responded at time of posting.

Lisa Patt-McDaniel is the current Director of the Ohio Department of Development. Her boss just said she screwed up. That's bad.

Imagine that, an appointee of the Governor screwing up. Shocker.

Ohioans deserve a competent executive branch. Time after time after time, Ohioans have learned that is something they can't expect to find in Ted Strickland's administration.


  1. Yes, which is why we need a guy who's only experience is managing a two-man office... LOL. Praises Dick Fuld, and then lies about 9/11 to excuse it and waffles on his signature issue of his campaign the income tax repeal.

    Then there's the John Kasich who apologizes for his gun votes and then cites them to liberal newspapers proudly as evidence of his independence.

    How many debates will John Kasich hold against just himself?

  2. Did you comment on the wrong thread, Modern? This one is not about Kasich. You seem to be confused. Ah well, panic can do that to a person...

  3. Ted failed and his record is a failure so they attack the other guy. So transparent....just like Ted.

    Almost an hour before a response? You are slipping, Modern.

  4. Modern talks experience after voting for a community organizer (guy who rounds up homeless people to protest in front of banks) for president. LOL.

    Hey, before becoming governor, Ted Strickland was a congressman. Just as before he becomes governor, John Kasich will have been a congressman.


  5. Check this out from Modern's blog.

    Kasich will raise alot of money. And he'll lose by at least twenty points. Strickland hasn't been one to toot his own horns. The campaign will, unfortunately, need to do some public education as to what Strickland has done the last three years as a result. But despite that, he's got strong job approval numbers that suggest no Republican candidate can be a credible threat.

    20 points. LOLOLOL!!! Please educate us! Comedy gold, dude!

  6. It's BOOOSH's fault Ohio lost all those jobs, not Ted Strickland's!! Look over there...Kasich worked at Lehman Brothers!!

  7. Nick-

    Take things out of context much?

    You're quoting something I said in May 2009 when the polling was vastly different.

    I wouldn't say the same thing about the margins, but everything else I've said about the race has been proven spot-on:

    John Kasich has STILL not offered any plans, just platitudes. Now, he's even flip flopped on his income tax repeal plan.

  8. Scarlet>Fire

    I find it amusing that you time me on responding to Keeling when you post two minutes after me.

  9. Classic projection. The sitting Governor with no plan accuses the challenger of having no plan.

  10. What happened to those strong approval numbers? Oh yeah. Ohioans now realize what a failure the Obama/Strickland economic policies actually are.

    "Spot-on" job, there, Governor!

    Modern, please give us our "unfortunate" education on how the Ohians who are about to fire Ted are wrong, and everything Ted has done for Ohio.


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