Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DeWine is up. Big.

Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies is one of the most well-respected pollsters out there. If he's your pollster, you've hired one of the best.

And a new poll from Public Opinion Strategies shows Mike DeWine absolutely smoking Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

They sampled 600 likely voters. The party ID breakdown was 37-30 in favor of the Dems, or about what it was in the 2008 election. And voters were asked straight up who they prefer, Cordray or DeWine.

The results?

DeWine is up 46-38 on Cordray.

Among Independents, DeWine is up 46-27.

Cordray is only winning 68% of the Democrats.

DeWine is winning 88% of the Republicans, once again disproving theories of some type of right wing rebellion against DeWine.

Cordray has a massive hill to climb.


  1. Bwahahahahaha.....

    Nate Silver ranking on P.O.S. polling?

    Near the bottom, below DailyKos' former pollster.

    Yep, there's a ton of enthusasm for Mike DeWine... I see it everywhere I go.

    That probably explains why DeWine has virtually no money he hasn't gotten from the ORP that is subsidizing him like crazy. Thanks, Cousin Kevin!

  2. Modern, you never cease to amaze me.

    For one, if DJ's opinions are so irrelevant, why do you spend a chunk of your day logging onto his site an commenting on his posts?

    Why is Mike Dewine being subsidized by the ORP when you claim Strickland is not?

    You are such a hack, and I for one cannot wait until the Republican victories this fall just to see your reaction.

    You drive us to work harder, and I love that you spend your time blogging and not doing any actual campaign work that has an effect.

    Hopefully Jennifer Brunner will have room on her NOcourage Express to help carry your dumb ass out of town.

  3. Wow. Stupid comments continue here.

    Ted Strickland RAISES the money that ODP "donates" to him because he uses a staffer who's on their payroll to fundraise for him. DeWine? Not so much.

    3/4 of DeWine's money came from ODP. Did Strickland take nearly that much? No.

    Yeah, I'm seeing a real push in GOP circles to get DeWine elected. LOL.

  4. You are one person I literally imagine as a weasel.

    Now that I am done listening to your bull shit responses, answer the next question.

    If DJ's opinions are so irrelevant, why do you spend a chunk of your day logging onto his site an commenting on his posts?

    It is because you have no life. I wonder how much law you even practice. I mean, you are the only lawyer at your "firm". Funny you only have a PO Box listed on your website, no office, and your phone rings to what appears to be your personal cell phone.

    You are a hack, no one reads your blog other than other hacks. Nobody cares about your opinion because it is always fake and driven by your own self interest.

    The only thing that drives you is your own ego, not your conviction to the movement. It is laughable that the things you show the most passion in always end in utter failure! Yous showed real genuine passion for Jennifer Brunner only to get your teeth knocked in. Now you blog about Fisher and act like you were on his side from the start!

    You are the worst person I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with in anyway, thank God it is not in real life and only here virtually- because I think that can only be described as hell.


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