Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strickland's Party organization thinks gun owners are idiots.

If there is one constituency that doesn't like having their rights trampled upon, it's supporters of the 2nd amendment.

And yet, that's exactly what Strickland's Ohio Democratic Party tried to do.
The Ohio Democratic Party tried unsuccessfully this week to get information on all people licensed to carry concealed weapons in the Buckeye State.

The state party sent letters to Ohio's 88 sheriffs requesting the names and addresses of permit holders and the dates the licenses were issued. Ohio has about 211,000 permit holders.

But neither the Democrats nor any other political party can get that information. The records are exempt from the public record laws.
It's bad enough that the ODP tried to skirt the privacy rights of Ohio's gun owners. But what's particularly insulting to their intelligence is this claim by ODP spokesman Seth Bringman:
The Democratic Party's request had nothing to do with the NRA endorsement, Bringman said.
[cough] BULLS***!!! [cough]

Seth Bringman thinks gun owners are idiots.

Of COURSE it had to do with the NRA endorsement. They wanted the addresses of gun owners so they could send them literature promoting the endorsement. It really could not be more obvious.


  1. Only you would turn a public records request, one that the party realized that couldn't be made and thus withdrew, and call it "trampling over their rights."

    John Kasich's gun grabbing votes trambled their rights. Merely trying to get their addresses to tell them about Kasich's record versus Strickland's does not.

    You guys really are working overtime to try to dress up the turd that is John Kasich's record on guns, aren't you?

  2. Modern Esquire has no friends in human forum, thus stalks people online for 18 hours a day.

  3. Does anonymous have a dictionary or a clue so s/he and can't debate with facts that support his/her own side.


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