Friday, July 2, 2010

Shake-up in Strickland land?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Ted Strickland's Chief of Staff is leaving his position and heading over as a "senior advisor" to the Strickland campaign.

Now, to be fair, when incumbents are running for re-election it's not exactly a surprise when a senior staffer heads over to the campaign.

But we're just four months away from election day. If the Strickland campaign was happy with how things were going in the campaign, there would be no need to make such a serious change, right?

But they are making a major change.

And that's what we call a shake-up.


  1. Um, that's not a shakeup. Haseley isn't replacing anyone. He's just move away from day-to-day official State business work to focus more on the campaign. It was going to happen eventually.

    What other time than a few months before the election but after the primaries would he do it?

    You really are hurting for material.

  2. First off, you hopped on here and left this comment just five minutes after it was posted. At least pretend you have a life and don't hit refresh on my blog every five minutes.

    Second, anytime you make a change to a campaign, it empirically is done in order to improve it. Changes aren't made if everything is going as expected.

    This was a shake-up.

  3. LOL, Modern does not have a life, is over 40, and is probably a virgin.

    Modern, go find a nice girl that is real, not a simulation or a chatroom girlfriend, ya creep.

  4. I don't get why opposing viewpoints are so toxic on this site? Modern's usually respectful with a side of snark.

    You admonish someone for participating in a public forum on politics in a debate fashion with facts in a timely response.

    Don't get/use a blog, get a private club.

  5. You can disable comments whenever you feel like it, Keeling.

    I just got back from court and noticed your post and tweet about it. Didn't realize I commented so shortly after you posted.

    Regardless, you've yet again engaged in personal attacks to hide your lack of substance.

    As someone who worked in a Congressional office, you know just as much as I do that this is the typical time of year from government staffers to become campaign staffers.

    In fact, as someone who worked for Ted Strickland when he was in Congress, I could tell you that this is precisely the point in the year that John Haseley took a leave during every contested congressional race about this time of year.

    There's absolutely nothing usual or noteworthy of it other than it means than the Strickland campaign is gearing up for the summer as it did four years ago.

    You're so desparate for material you're turning what any insider knows is a non-story and trying to present it as something you're not.

    BTW, not that my personal life is your readerships business, but I'm under 40, am married, and am a father.

    Last I checked, Strickland is tied to ahead in the polls which is an improvement from this winter.

    The legislature is out of session, the budget battles are done, this is the ideal time for the Chief of Staff for the Governor to take a leave to work on the campaign which is something Haseley has always done as does just about every other chief-of-staff I've ever known.

    You know it, too, but you're hoping your readership is gullible enough to believe your tripe.

  6. LOL at you of people being defensive about personal attacks.

    As for the timing of your post, it's not uncommon that you comment just minutes after a post of mine goes up. It's sorta creepy.

    As for high level staffers leaving for campaigns, none I worked for during my time on the Hill did what your old boss is doing.

    As for this being the right time for the COS to leave since nothing is going on til after November....well, you bring up a good point. And it's unfortunate that the elected Governor of the state has no plans to be active as Governor until after the election. That says a lot. He's given up.

    As for your personal life, I couldn't care less. But if I'm not going to censor your insults of me, I'm not going to censor my readers either.


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