Friday, June 18, 2010

Dispatch: Strickland ad is "unjustified"

Big Labor and the Democratic Governor's Association is at it again.

They are now out with attack ad #3 against John Kasich.

The content within is so inaccurate that it caused the Dispatch to state:
...the leap from Kasich arranging meetings for Lehman Brothers to Lehman losses hurting retirees is huge and unjustified, from the facts currently known.

In addition, it is not necessarily accurate to assert the state pension funds lost $480 million, only that the funds declined in value by that amount from 2007 to the end of 2008.
Considering the primary talking point in the ad connects Kasich to "Lehman losses hurting retirees", that's pretty damning.

When the NRSC came out with an ad that Rob Portman found unacceptable, he publicly denounced it.

Now that Big Labor and the DGA have come out with an ad so incredibly false, it's up to Ted Strickland to man up do the same.

Or, as ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine states, is he chicken?
Ted Strickland boasts about having lived in a chicken shack growing up, and it looks like a bit of the chicken rubbed off on him. Unless the governor stands up, denounces this ad and calls on his union buddies to stop paying for it, he will forever be branded a coward in Ohio. He's hiding behind friends and letting them lie on his behalf and it's a disgusting way to act.


  1. Wow... talk about cherry picking quotes.

    A review from Jack Torry, conservative columnist from Kasich's hometown Republican newspaper says the ad is generally accurate.

    But if you want to make a mountain over the molehill that is your candidate's claim that his company only cost over $200 million in pension losses, go right ahead.

    I believe the ad Portman was asked to disclaim was one that presented a shirtless Lee Fisher and falsely implied he was masterbating.

    Apples meet oranges.

  2. Modern Esquire is a douchebag.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree with "Anonymous", Modern"The Cherry Picking King" Esquire just plain sucks.

  4. Modern Esquire used to be on Ted Strickland's payroll. "Used to be," or is he still? Who knows.

    Scenario 1 = Modern Esquire is still on Ted Strickland's payroll and spends all day going around to blogs getting in fights with people.

    Scenario 2 = Modern Esquire is no longer on Ted Strickland's payroll and spends all day going around to blogs getting in fights with people.

    I don't know which of these is more pathetic. But they are both pathetic.


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