Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strickland claims credit for the state of cities.

There's a good reason Yvette McGee Brown gave the "city speech" yesterday, and it has nothing to do with where she and Ted Strickland grew up.

It's because a Governor who had been in office for four years and trying to say some of the things Yvette said would very well be laughed off the stage.

Let there be no question. Strickland wants to claim credit for where Ohio's top cities now stand.

Ok, fine. Let's take a look using data organized by the ORP.

For an easier view of the data, make sure you click here.

And try not to cry.


  1. Why would you cry? When have you, Kasich, Mary Taylor, or the Ohio Republican Party cared about cities except when Bill Todd or George Voinovich ran for Mayor?

    What's the urban agenda for the Kasich-Taylor campaign? Oh, that's right there is none except sap the cities of their major fundraising sources through their reckless and unpaid for tax repeals. That's right.

    Yeah, waiting for the Kasich-Taylor campaign to announce one thing they're doing for Ohio's cities besides cutting their funding. Until then, hold your crocodile tears.

    Nice to see the ORP finally found out that the Lehman Brothers recession hurt Ohio's cities.

  2. Ted. Failed. Ohio.


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