Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama prepped to tout failure

Apparently when President Obama comes to Columbus on Friday, he will be focusing on the results of his stimulus bill.

Those results in Columbus?

- In the past 12 months, only 13 major metropolitan areas have seen a worse increase in unemployment.

- Over the past year, Franklin County has one of the worst increases in unemployment in the state.

And yet, despite the failure of the stimulus to turnaround Columbus, we know why the President chose the capital as his target.

That's where the stimulus jobs have gone.

In fact, in the last report, 15,330 jobs, or 66%, of all Ohio stimulus jobs went to the 43215 zip code.

But the much more frightening number is where they didn't go.

In the latest report, there are 524 Ohio zip codes that report zero stimulus jobs.

Five hundred and twenty four.

That's astounding to me. And everyone else, I hope.

The President may come. But he shouldn't like what he sees.

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