Friday, June 25, 2010

Newsweek on the Chris Christie Experiment

Newsweek, of all places, has actually hit on something that I've been pushing for awhile.

The Chris Christie model of governing must be closely watched. Sadly, it's a style we don't see too often on either side of the aisle.

But if he's successful, perhaps it can be a transformative moment in both governing and campaigning.
...[A]nyone on either side of the aisle who's fed up with our focus-grouped, winning-is-everything political culture should be watching Governor Bully closely. Christie's crusade is not about 2012 or 2016; he doesn't seem to mind being unpopular. Instead, it's about testing conservative principles against the hard stuff of reality. New Jersey's constitution endows the governor with more power than most of his counterparts, and so far Christie has not been shy about exercising it.

As a result, the Garden State has suddenly become a fascinating test case for GOP governance: can a conservative response ameliorate this fiscal crisis, at least on the state level?

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