Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"I think I love you."

This morning after particularly rousing statements from John Kasich on faith and the role of government, Glenn Beck said to the gubernatorial candidate, "I think I love you."

Sure, it's no surprise that Beck is a fan of Kasich's, but having such a rousing endorsement from the founder of the 9.12 project can only help a campaign when it comes to inspiring activists to contribute time and dollars.


  1. I'm waiting for the appropriate outrage over Beck's insult of "dope" when referring to the President when he was in town last week. When another entertainer whilst abroad referenced the then sitting president as an "idiot" her life and livelihood were threatened with boycotts and outrage.

    If the GOP wants to constantly count Lincoln as a Republican, they should at least use his example of civility in public and political debate as well.

  2. Hahaha keep waiting. Aren't the libtards already "boycotting" Beck? How's that working out?

  3. You just proved the point about civility in your comments.

    Indifference is the opposite of adoration. It's working just fine.


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