Thursday, June 17, 2010

Space shoots self in foot.

Rep. Zack Space blew it.

He surprised many by jumping early into the ad war, and surprised even more by making the ad a scathing attack against his opponent.

Well, it turns out the ad is going to blow up in Space's face.

An Ohio Elections Commission panel voted 3-0 today that there is probable cause to believe U.S. Rep. Zack Space's campaign violated election law in a TV commercial.

Space's Republican challenger, state Sen. Bob Gibbs, of Lakeville, filed an elections complaint over a Space's TV ad which claims that Gibbs, as a state lawmaker, voted for a pay raise for himself and did not vote for tax breaks for average Ohioans. The commerical continues running on Columbus-area television channels.

The first indication that internal polls looked bad in the Space camp came when the attack ad first ran. After all, if you've got a reasonable lead, you have to play it safe, especially in this environment.

Instead, Space attacked.

And now the big story in his district is about how his ad is a lie.

Things just went from bad to worse for Rep. Zack Space.

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