Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The three-month hangover.

After a tough night out, the last thing you want is a long hangover.

But John Boehner isn't going to let you get over the hangover left from Obamacare. Nor should he.

Today, on the 3-month anniversary of it being signed into law, we're getting reminded what a complete and total screw-up it really was for the American people.

What did our President and his Party promise?

[click to enlarge]

And what did we end up with?
  • Making it harder to put people back to work instead of creating jobs ‘immediately’ as promised.
  • Raising costs and increasing the deficit instead of lowering costs and adhering to common-sense
  • fiscal discipline as promised.
  • Forcing 87 million Americans off their current coverage instead of protecting access to coverage as promised.
  • Failing to lift a finger to implement a critical Executive Order that purportedly protects taxpayers from being forced to fund abortions.
  • Imposing massive burdens on cash-strapped states.
  • Failing to win public support despite making taxpayers fund a massive PR campaign.
Check out the entire report, with links, here. It's worth the read.

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