Thursday, June 17, 2010

If Ganley is up...

Betty Sutton has been arguably considered the least vulnerable of the targeted congressional Democrats in Ohio this year.

So if she's in trouble, others have to be nervous.

From the Washington Post:
Ohio Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton is in a real race against wealthy care-dealer Tom Ganley, according to a new poll conducted for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Ganley stood at 44 percent to 41 percent for Sutton in the Public Opinion Strategies survey.
In the past two elections, against meager opposition, Sutton won with 60% of the vote.

But now she's got Tom Ganley, a respected and well financed opponent, already taking a lead.

Clearly, things are looking bad for Ohio Democrats.


  1. LMAO.... You citing a poll that's literally called P.O.S. It has a reliability less than the Columbus Dispatch's old mail poll that was so unreliable they DISCONTINUED IT. The NRCC paid for crap data because that's what it takes to show this race competitive.

    No way can Ganley make millions off of Sutton's Cash for Clunkers and win. No way.

    When you leave Wonderland, let us know...

  2. Did you miss the part where THE WASHINGTON FRICKING POST cited it?


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