Monday, June 14, 2010

Know who else was endorsed by the NRA? Sen. Harry Reid.

Today, the NRA announced their endorsement of Ted Strickland over John Kasich:

Jim Geraghty at the NRO nails his analysis of the endorsement:

I understand why the NRA operates as a single-issue organization; Strickland has given the NRA no real reason to oppose him. But with Ohio’s unemployment rate at 10.9 percent – above 14 percent in 13 counties! — there are probably a lot of Ohio gun owners who would like to see a better economic future for their state, a better economic future that Strickland has failed to deliver.

Beyond that, how often do you hear a politician say, “I was wrong”? Because that’s precisely what Strickland’s GOP rival, former congressman John Kasich, said about his vote for the Assault Weapons Ban back in 2004.

The big question is whether the NRA endorsement will have a substantive effect on the election. Unless the NRA spends any serious cash to promote their endorsement through election day, the answer is no.

Voters with serious concerns on the 2nd amendment tend to be very educated voters. They are smart enough to understand Kasich is with them on gun issues and, like Geraghty highlighted, they are going to understand the bigger picture.

Strickland has failed to live up to his promise to turnaround Ohio. And that hurts 2nd amendment voters where it their checkbook.

They'll vote against Ted Strickland.


  1. You're right Keeling. The fact that the NRA leaked the endorsement to Hotline and CNN, made a point to emphasize that this was their FIRST endorsement in the general election, and is traveling with the Governor today throughout hunting country in no way is a signal that they intend to weigh in HEAVILY to make John Kasich pay for his MULTIPLE (not one, MULITPLE) votes against the Second Amendment and sportsman.

  2. I look forward to you revisiting this comment at a later date.


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