Thursday, June 24, 2010

Governor Envy, Part 3,892

Yet another in the 3BP Governor Envy series.

And guess what, it's NJ Gov. Chris Christie again.

In the below video Christie is talking about having the courage to reform pensions and public sector.

He also mentions that he'll be balancing New Jersey's $11 billion deficit without a tax hike. That's interesting when you consider it's the same thing Kasich has promised to do. The difference is Ohio's upcoming deficit is $3 billion less in a state with 3 million more people. In other words, if New Jersey can do it, Ohio can do it.


  1. No, Kasich promised to balance the budget without higher taxes WHILE repealing the Ohio income and estate tax. That's NOT what Christie is doing at all.

    Comparing what Christie is doing and saying its what Kasich is proposing is just nonsense.

  2. Strickland had his chance to fix the budget and he failed. At best, he punted. Ohio deserves better.

  3. Um, balanced budgets with massive double digits tax cuts...

    Strickland's ALREADY DONE what Keeling is praising Christie for PROMISING to do.

  4. LOL @ Esquire.

    You are trying to compare balancing an $11 billion deficit to using tax hikes to balance a $800 million deficit?

    Wow. Deluded.

  5. Delusional is an out-of-state Kasich hack who gets busted time after time lying about things that are refutable by looking at roll call votes and video.

    Delusion is Kasich believing that his tax plans isn't going to result in higher taxes.

    Delusional is your constant rants that the LeBron comment was a "political" winner for *KASICH* despite the fact he walked it back today.

  6. 1) Never looked at the update, eh?

    2) That statement doesn't even make sense.

    3) Constant? I made one post about it. If you mean on twitter, those are simply responses to Lis Smith's mischaracterizations of what Kasich said. And yes, ultimately, it is a winner for Kasich. Doesn't mean I shouldn't correct Lis when she's wrong. Which is a lot.

  7. 1) And you've never looked at the video, or else you'd realize she had answered your question.

    You're response is the same thing people tried to use in 2006 with Fisher on the ticket, and yet, Strickland has shown his Administration has supported gun rights 100%. Thus, the NRA endorsement.

    2) Then you haven't researched the issue. When States "repeal" income taxes, all it does it redistribute the tax burden in new personal property taxes, higher sales, real property taxes, etc. Florida and Texas are prime examples.

    Especially since the estate tax primarily funds local governments, the repeal of that tax is going to result in revenue replacement (i.e. new or higher local taxes.)

    The main reason cited by the Tax Foundation for ranking Ohio so low in their survey is because of the high LOCAL tax burden, not the State tax burden which Ohio's rate is comparable in the region and in fact better than most.

    Kasich's tax plans will result in more property levies, higher sales and local income taxes. If you don't understand that, then you are a fool.

    It's been such a political winner that you cheered when Kasich walked it back yesterday?

  8. Modern is probably a 40 year old virgin


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