Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Strickland campaign was misquoted, right? RIGHT?!

Lis Smith didn't mean it. Did she?

There's no way this was really her response in the Dispatch story this morning showing Kasich with more small donors, more maxed out donors, equal $1k donors, and raising $1 million more than Strickland since Kasich joined the race.

This couldn't really be her response...
"It's not some groundswell of support," Smith said. "He is paying to get these small donors, and frankly, it's not a good investment."
Yep. She really said that.

First off, yes, it is a groundswell of support. In fact, it's as clear a measure of it as you can get in a campaign.

And no, he's not paying to get small donors. He's paying to get the most maxed out donors and the $1M more than your boss since he entered the race.

Finally, and very simply put, voters won't support you if they don't like you.

But I digress.

Lis Smith's attitude is indicative of the Strickland campaign's entire attitude towards the voters.
  • They have no small donors because only contributions from PACs, Unions and Parties matter.
  • They have no direct media because the people aren't worth talking to.
  • They mock Kasich's effort to work with Ohioans to solve the state's problems through Fix Ohio Now because...honestly, I don't know why...maybe they simply think Ohio voters are stupid.
In one quote, Lis Smith showed what's wrong with the left these days. They are the Party of patting people on the head and telling them Democrats in elected office know better.

Here's a hint, Lis. Voters don't like being disrespected. Doing so only invigorates them.

To quote Kurt Russell in Tombstone, "you called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it."


  1. How does the only campaign that's run any paid media have NO DIRECT MEDIA?!?

    Seriously, wtf are you talking about?

    Kasich spent over $750k in the last reporting period, most of that was for fundraising consultants. That's what Lis Smith is talking about.

    And Fix Ohio is a joke for Kasich's echo chamber.

  2. The hate is swelling in you now.
    Give in to your anger.

  3. Ted. Failed. Ohio.

    The sycophants in Stickland's corner cannot run on his record, so they attack. Their candidate is an empty suit, out of ideas. If he had any ideas, we would have seen them by now.

  4. Modern, this response is to you.

    Every Post, you get on here and blabber on and on about stuff you know just isn't so. You keep referencing all this stuff about how money is spent, and how consultants this and consultants that, blah, blah, blah.

    Here is the deal, Kasich has set up the best team of politico's on the GOP side. He has a staff filled with great minds and fantastic talent, and that scares the hell out of you.

    You guys have Lis Smith, who lost a Governors race in NEW FREAKING JERSEY!

    Being the puny, pathetic, hack that you are- you fail to see the title wave that is about to knock some sense into that rat-like head of yours.

    God, I hope your clients realize that you spend a majority of the day trolling the internet's, looking for some bullshit ways to spin the latest news on your former boss, Taxin' Tiger Ted!


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