Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have you submitted your idea yet?

Six days ago, John Kasich and his campaign launched Fix Ohio Now, an online project designed to engage the public and learn about their solutions for what they feel plagues Ohio.

To call it a success would be a wild understatement.

In just those six days Fix Ohio Now already has 465 submitted ideas:


That's 465 more ideas than what Strickland has come up with to solve the jobs crisis or manage the $8 billion deficit.

It's great to see Ohioans taking responsibility for solving problems when their elected Governor refuses.

Keep up the great work, everyone. We all can Fix Ohio Now.


  1. 460 comments is hardly a success. And not one of them actually addresses the budget deficit.

    Creating a website echo chamber where his Facebook followers can repeat his tax plan back to him is hardly a success.

    Especially when it shows that Kasich has no plans.

  2. Not one of them addresses the budget deficit? Seriously?

    You realize the ones where people suggest ways to save the state money are ideas for cutting the deficit, right?

    Hell, the first four on page 1 clearly would lower the deficit.

    Quit making things up to prove a point, Brian.

  3. Um, not one of those comes close to eliminating the deficit.

    Getting rid of front license plates as a means to get rid of the deficit? Really?

    Ok, run with it. Go right ahead.

  4. LOL!

    Maybe if I type slowly you'll understand...

    If lots of people come up with lots of great ideas that will reduce the total spending of the state, then we can eliminate the deficit.

    I feel like I'm talking to a rock.

  5. Here is my idea, how about the guy running for office actually give an idea as to what he wants to do...

  6. One idea: Stop electing career politicians governor.

    Hey now...


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