Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kegger at Ted's place. You bring the chips.

Seriously. I want to party with Ted.
An inmate caught consuming alcohol at the governor's residence drank so heavily he couldn't remember whether he had six beers or an entire bottle of wine or liquor, according to an investigative report obtained by The Associated Press.

The inmate, who drank the alcohol at the end of his shift, also gave a second prisoner a cup of liquor mixed with soda pop in the residence's kitchen, according to the report released Tuesday.
I'm just amazed the inmate was able to get around the procedures necessary for an inmate to obtain such beverages. Clearly, he was a genius.
Hoaja had access to a refrigerator in the kitchen used for storing alcohol as well as a cabinet where alcohol is stored, the report said.


Good job there, Gov. Quite a tight ship ya run.

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