Friday, June 11, 2010

Lee Fisher no read good.

From a recent fundraising letter sent by Lee Fisher's Senate campaign:
Ohio's own John Boehner, nationwide Republican leader in the House of Representatives, just said BP shouldn't be entirely responsible for the costs of cleaning up their oil spill.

Boehner thinks you, I, and the rest of America's taxpayers should pay for some of the oil spill.
Except he doesn't. Fisher's source for the claim is a hack "journalist" with the left wing blog, Talking Points Memo. The money quote?
So today I asked Boehner, "Do you agree with Tom Donohue of the Chamber that the government and taxpayers should pitch in to clean up the oil spill?" The shorter answer is yes.
He doesn't even give Boehner's exact quote or the exact question. He just answers for him. Lame.

The reality is this. Going all the way back to May 3rd, Boehner has stated that BP should be responsible for all costs. Hell, even the subtitle of the press release states: "Boehner Calls Oil Spill “Tragic” and “Unacceptable,” Insists that BP Bear Full Cost of the Cleanup Effort".

It doesn't get much more clear than that.

Of course, considering how little cash Fisher has on hand to challenge Rob Portman, I can't blame him for making things up out of thin air in an effort to raise money.

After all, he's already given up whatever other principles he had.

Props to John Boehner for teaching Lee Fisher a lesson.

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