Monday, June 14, 2010

Fisher campaign in total and complete disarray

When a campaign fires its campaign manager, it means there is serious trouble and a new direction is necessary.

When a campaign fires its campaign manager twice, it means the ship is sinking, the house is on fire, the barn is burning down.

And that's what the Fisher for Senate campaign did this past Friday when Jay Howser was demoted to "consultant".

Interestingly enough, it was also the same day MSNBC stated the Ohio Senate race was one where Democrats had a chance to pick off a red seat.

Does a campaign in good position fire its campaign manager?


Especially when they don't have the ability to name an immediate replacement.


The Fisher campaign fired manager #2 on Friday. How do they not have someone to pick up the reins already? Make no mistake. Losing a manager is a major blow to a campaign. It requires a complete reboot of the entire structure, message and way of doing business.

And what does this do to the confidence contributors have in the Fisher campaign? It destroys it.

Less than 150 days out from election day and the Fisher Senate race is in total and complete disarray.

Not only is Fisher going to lose, but one has to start wondering what Fisher's poor performance will do to the rest of the downticket races and the Governor's race.

Fisher won't be able to get voters to the polls. His performance will damage GOTV. He won't have the number of ads on the television necessary to inspire Democrats and sway Independents.

It's a fiasco.

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