Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama is failing Governor Strickland

Just one day after Kasich's campaign cut an internet ad utilizing President Obama's unpopularity against Ted Strickland, Washington Post political guru Chris Cillizza stated the most important number of the midterm elections will be President Obama's approval number.

He states if Obama's approval sits at 50%, then it will be difficult for GOP candidates to win if the tie to Obama is the candidate's primary attack. However, a Presidential approval number stuck at 45% would be very likely to increase Democratic casualties.

Well, it seems the Kasich campaign struck while the iron was hot.


An aggregation of approval polls, the fairest way to judge the current national mood, shows the following:



If that trend continues, and there's currently no reason to believe it won't, then both Ted Strickland and Democrats across the country are in serious trouble.

Kasich's internet ad is below. How long until we see a version of it on the televisions of Ohioans across the state?

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