Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kilroy Follies keep chugging along...

Mary Jo Kilroy is on her way to becoming one of Ohio's worst one-term members of Congress.

The latest?

Check out this video where Kilroy, wearing what appears to be several squirrels on her head, claims to have voted against TARP in a meeting with her Big Labor allies.

Do you think her Big Labor friends will be ticked off when they find out Kilroy wasn't even in congress when TARP was voted on?

Well, probably not. But her constituents should be.

One thing is clear, Kilroy is a walking disaster.

UPDATE: See my update on this post here.


  1. Perhaps you should apologize to Mary Jo Kilroy now?

    Or did you not see the 26th and 27th Roll Call of this Congress?


  2. Apologize to Rep. Kilroy. Don't you know how to check your sources?


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