Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In case there was any doubt.

A few months ago, when Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich voluntarily released his tax returns, Democrats like Gov. Strickland's communications director latched on to a portion of the returns that showed Kasich making a minimal amount in book royalties in the years after the books had been released. It was a strange criticism. After all, in subsequent years, royalties are expected to decrease, even among NYT bestsellers like Kasich's books had been.

Now, in case there was any doubt about the success of the debut of Kasich's new book, Every Other Monday, here's a screenshot taken from this morning.

[click to make larger]
To be fair, who knows if Every Other Monday will reach the NYT best sellers list, but without a doubt, this is already an impressive accomplishment.

UPDATE: Kasich's book is now all the way up to #14 in sales on Amazon.


  1. At least get your facts straight. John Kasich has not released his tax returns (plural.) He released a summary of one tax return with portions of that actual return to be viewed but not copied by members of the media.

  2. Congratulations on your # 42 ranking on Amazon?

  3. No one cares about the future Governor's tax returns. They care about their own. The incumbant has failed and is now trying to deflect attention away from that failure. You know it and we all know it.

  4. Sure, Scarlet, nobody cares that as Lehman Bros. was heading into bankruptcy they paid Kasich $500k in bonuses.

    Nope, noone cares about that at all.

  5. In your inner circle of sycophants? Probably not.

    To the rest of us, it is clear.

    Ted. Failed. Ohio.

    He doesn't deserve a second chance.

  6. It's now up to #15, Modern.

    :here's me laughing at your stalker-self:

  7. Kasich balanced the U.S. budget in 2 years with a criminal as president. If he set puppies on fire on YouTube, I'd vote for him over Gov. Mulligan. Most voters aren't anti-capitalist leftists or bourgeois socialists so I doubt getting a bonus for doing a great job is going to turn people off. Afterall, it's not like he ran Ohio's economy into the ground while rocking in a fetal position for 3+years.

  8. Hey Modern, the Ohio Pesticide Association called. You're late for a conference.

  9. Joe C.- Kasich lost every budget battle he had with Clinton. Had the Congress merely rubber stamped Clinton's budget, the surpluses would still have occurred.

    It's now at 144 and dropping on Amazon... faster than a rock would. In only a week.


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