Friday, June 4, 2010

BREAKING: Kilroy staff kicks public out of official congressional event

This is disgraceful.

Yesterday, I posted about a public hearing and official congressional event being hosted by Mary Jo Kilroy at 9:00am today in Columbus.

This morning, Kilroy staff kicked an attendee out of the event taking place on OSU's campus for attempting to videotape the proceedings.

Here's the video:

I thought Kilroy's operation was unprofessional before, but this takes things to the extreme.

From what I can tell, the videographer was first commanded to leave by a Kilroy staffer. Remember, this is not a campaign event, but an event being hosted by a public official.

Later in the video, it looks like a staff member of the facility where the event was taking place is asked by a Kilroy staffer to tell the videographer to leave. The event is at a public facility, OSU's campus, so they shouldn't have a right to do what they did either.

I can't understate this - this was a public event.

No one had a right to boot the videographer.

Even more strange, a claim is made later in the video that the event is being filmed and will later be posted for review. If that's the case, why the problem with someone else filming the event?

Mary Jo Kilroy should be ashamed.

UPDATE: Not a few minutes after posting, I received an e-mail from a source indicating that Ohio State and TechColumbus, who hosted the event and is a public-run enterprise, is apologizing to the videographer.

Now it's Mary Jo Kilroy's turn.

We're waiting.

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